Bikini Tan Lines


Brazilian girls are know for their tiny bikini and dark rich tans.  Other claim that they are also know for their firm bubble butts.  This is a prime example of a girl with some meat in her rear end.  Her tan lines are also pretty exceptional.

Latin Ass


A Latin ass in a thong is unique to an ass wearing a thong in any other race.  Their butt was always so much fuller and rounder.  For some it is the greatest thing in the world.  AFter watching this video I can understand the desire for them.

Watching Girl Undress


Watching a beautiful European girl undress in your apartment was what Mike had in mind when he allow this forgein beauty stay at his apartment when she was visiting out of town.  He wasn’t sure what type of thong this girl was wearing when she step through the door.  But he got his answer when he saw her undress with the door open in the bedroom next door.

Teen Nude Babe


Teen girl slowly strip nude.  She starts with pulling down her zebra black and white pants to uncover a small pink thong underwear.  She turns around so that we can see the beauty of her ass.  The more she turns the more we get to see what is between her legs.  And it is all good and hot.

Dripping wet hot.

Grab Her Ass


When one see such a lovely ass before one self, one naturally has to grab or at least touch it.  Especially when it is such a fine ass covered in a tiny red thong underwear.  How can any one deny oneself the joy of touching such a fine ass.